The decision is not literally, I decided to do guanciale, largely because I want to try some different things, can easily in a sauce. I know that there are two kind of sauce guanciale...... One is the eggs. The other is a "matriciana. Italy's bacon and eggs and cheese is always reminds me of my breakfast in a bowl (and not say what is wrong) but I want to have a clear dinner atmosphere. I decided to put my guanciale, it will become a" matriciana pasta. Of course, when I do guanciale research, I learned one thing is certain: all these better and fresh pasta, especially guanciale.
So early in the instant noodles machine start when the search. I have a lot of time to hunt for make its own guanciale needs at least six weeks. In fact, a bit like marriage gauze guanciale point, only greasy, glands. Close the pig have a command (need about a week) cleaning and treatment (1 week), and then when guanciale dress, part of the dry air and assembly installing updates. Of course in the formerly when I got married, I go to the store to buy clothes. Simple. Over and out. This is a complex guanciale, but finally ended, and is ready to use them. I have my instant noodles machine and then but less guanciale because we kept chewing it the last month of false. Facts prove I have 8 ounces, enough to make a "matriciana sauce of six.

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