Several week ago, I begin to ask a former Baltimore colts Pro bowl safety Bruce Lyle reprinted agree that these DE convincing story Genzale SportsBusiness Journal editor John. Their wife's story former NFL players suffer, they saw, they left for the what is processing and struggle and husband obstacles or worse, their death. Then Michael diss card heard our story. Kobe Bryant GengBeiEr completed a story. Bruce Lyle DE and mike said they pay my house to pay between two months. They are my guardian angel. They pay my car and my jerseys from china
We have used up all of the money in the medical treatment charge of tang dynasty and the back of the mortgage cheap baltimore ravens elite jersey. In the tang died, brandon and I have no money. We were forced to in the street. We live in a 1982 Plymouth, from November to February. And then we heard that other help related death of pat tillman. But no one can tell us how to get help. I called the American football league and the players association. But soon the league any information. I don't understand why they didn't return my call. When I do the corner someone, that guy is responsible for retired players, they said no to help me. When you need them when you become a thing of the past, and no one will help.

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