Make no mistake, every NFL team has it’s Flying Pilot J. It’s where they tuck money to make it look like the NFL owners a destitute. Without it, no corporate welfare stadium improvements and no salary cap that actually reflects what these crooks are pulling in. cheap nfl nike jerseys Maybe if the FBI and the IRS looked deeply enough into the Cleveland Browns they could figure out what’s wrong with that team. I thought nfl jerseys free shipping this type of thing happens all the time. They come into corporations, put it on lockdown, check records to makes sure everything is on the up and up. then they leave. The browns will soon be dominating the afc north, even if their owner is in the pokey.

Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to many people that Haslam may have been the one to call in the FBI himself. He may have come back to his company and found something amiss. nfl 49ers jersey Wouldn’t it be something if “big brother” got wind of what Haslam said his finances were vs. what he filed with the IRS and they are to see what the big difference is. Roger would just love that!

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