There is a big difference in speed ing 10 miles over the limit versus 70 miles over the limit. The officer probably just wrote down speeding 

when it should have been reckless driving. That's where the technicality comes in. Still he shouldn't have got off on a technicality.
Boris Plaxico is the epitome of athletes was in his hand, put it all away crazy foolish behavior. (for those who don't remember: in November 

2008, the former NFL receiver hit himself in the leg in a club, even now sounds like a false story scandal has some gossip spew robot.
We propose the story, because everyone always bring this story, until Boris to treat cancer, walk in water or - may not be so - do some even 

dull. And not too long ago, Boris to the third choice of his best shot, drive a cool 125 miles in broward county, Florida. It is 70 miles per 

hour over the highest speed limit, the speed to attract attention from high.


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