I think the Patriots are slowly losing their way. A big Patriots culture sort of guy like Welker is shedded while they have anti-Patriots culture guys like this guy and Neanderthal partier Gonk on the team. Especially in Gonk's case, they're choosing talent over culture. cheap nfl nike jerseys If this continues, they will finally begin to implode from within.

In Welker's case, he was asking for too much money which is one of the standard points when the Patriots cut ties with someone including star players. I hate the Pats, new england patriots jerseys but their front office is known to be hardasses on people like that because there is almost always someone willing to come in for less money nfl jerseys cheap.

They offered welker more than they did amendola, welker turned it down thinking he was worth more.... then tried to come back and the pats said too  bad.... as for dennard i would of hit the cop too if hes "undercover" during a bar fight and grabs me while im just standing there... (which im sure is the reason hes only doing 30 days) tennessee titans jerseys

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